Questionnaire - Economic Substance/Tax Compliance

Questionnaire – Economic Substance/Tax Compliance

If the company’s business is trading some kind of goods/merchandise, kindly answer the following questions, otherwise proceed to question 5.

2(a) Is the company buying/selling from a related company?
2(b) Is the company connected to the other entity?
2(c) If yes, inform the connection
3. How is the company making income?
4. Is the company or it’s parent company tax resident in a foreign country?
5. Is it
10. Does the company have a financial license in Belize or in another jurisdiction?
11. Is it a Holding Company?
12. What type of assets the company holds?
13. If holding shares/equity in other companies, are the equity in question controlling stakes of the other company?
14. Is the company making an income from the trading services it offers?
16. Does the company have a bank account?
17. Is the company associated with any other company as part of a structure or affiliated with any other group of companies? (meaning if it is a parent, subsidiary, fellow subsidiary, associate, joint venture or related through common ownership, control or significantly managed by a close member of that person’s family)