We are capable of supporting all your business needs. Here are the services we provide.

Economic Substance consulting and setup

Economic Substance refers to new legislation introduced in Belize which derives from an EU based unfair tax practices initiative that requires certain entities that are incorporated or registered in Belize, and which conduct one or more of a setlist of relevant activities, to comply with local requirements and demonstrate adequate ‘economic substance’. The Belize legislation follows closely the approach taken by all of the other offshore jurisdictions.

We provide consulting to develop a detailed report of what your company needs to meet Economic Substance requirements. We also take you through the entire process of getting classified and offer continuous support services to ensure you remain compliant.

Our Continuous Support Services

We offer business support services beyond Economic Substance Classification to keep you compliant and in good standings with Belize’s regulations.

Due Diligence

We provide assessments and due diligence services for businesses doing merchant trading, financial investments and holding company services.

Audit & Tax Filing

We do auditing and tax filing for your company to ensure you remain compliant with Belize’s Economic Substance requirements.

Physical Presence

We provide you with physical presence in Belize.  From office space to bill payments and all the in between.

Financial Reporting

We provide you with complete quarterly, bi-annual and annual financial reports for your Belize IBC.

TIN (Tax Identification Number) application

Once your business is located in Belize you must have a TIN (Tax Identification Number). We do the entire application process for you.

Payroll Processing

If you have employees in Belize, we process your payroll, social security payments and income taxes as needed.