CNETLY is Internationally Connected

We have alliances with other international agencies which makes it possible to answer international economic substance questions quickly and efficiently.

Worldwide, many jurisdictions have amended or are required to amend their economic substance legislative requirements and follow new business and tax regulatory requirements in response to the European Union’s Economic Substance legislation.

These requirements have been set up by institutions like the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Complying with these requirements means your entity will be internationally recognized as a compliant jurisdiction.

In addition, many countries require compliance checks, either by the country’s laws or private business policies, on individuals and/or businesses. While the information required for compliance checks and who is authorized to conduct the checks may vary from country to country, we are accredited to conduct the checks on a global scale.

CNETLY utilizes our available international network to thoroughly research and investigate by checking (inter)national databases, sanction and other monitoring lists, as well as verifying IDs and other documents.

At CNETLY, we have an international research infrastructure in place and are accredited to conduct compliance and due diligence checks on a global scale through our affiliated company, Compliance-U.